Experiences and musical surprises

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December 30, 2017
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Experiences and musical surprises

On the one hand, we offer live music and DJ’s for any type of event, both company and private. On the platform, you can find singers and musical groups of any genre, of different prices, number of members and repertoires thanks to the wide offer that we have. We also have groups with specific repertoire for more specific events such as a ceremony (civil or religious) or a funeral.

In addition, with the intention of generating impact proposals and bringing music closer to a greater number of people, we have created musical experiences in small formats. In this sense, we have the “Musical Surprises”, in which a musician at home (tenor, soprano, saxophone, violin or guitar) plays a couple of songs (previous selection) to someone who wants to surprise. You can also send a dedication and a detail such as a bouquet of flowers … The truth is that they are being a success! You can also hire other products such as custom songs. They are ways to give music at more affordable prices, something very special for us because we bet on music and its great ability to generate emotions.

Can our offers adapt to the client’s taste?
We try our work, and always through music, generate unique and unforgettable moments. Thanks to the wide range of musical groups, the client can filter according to their preferences, tastes, and needs so that the music is as you have imagined. We have professionals who offer custom-made repertoires, which can prepare songs that are requested in advance and also always offer personalized advice if the client so wishes, something very common for example when it comes to the wedding ceremony. Everything always depends on the service you want to hire.

Our Musical Cart was born precisely as a result of our activity in our first company. We detect a need not covered. When it comes to hiring musicians for events, people are very lost. And it is that if you think about it, either we have a musician nearby or a professional to advise us, or we do not know where to start. And on the other hand, we saw a lot of very good musicians wanting to work who could not find their way out. Something had to be done! So we propose to my partners to mount a platform that would serve as an effective connection between those two worlds that until now were watertight compartments, and to use the new technologies to achieve it.

Our added value, in addition to the ease and speed of being able to contract totally online, resides in the way in which the platform is designed that in some way guides the user in the process. We want that anyone can find the most appropriate option very easily. We guide the user and give him tools to decide: there is, in each musician file, extensive information about the band, the repertoire, the price, as well as images, audios, videos and user ratings.

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